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Franzoni Group - Piscine

Franzoni Piscine - Ghedi (Brescia)

Franzoni Piscine / Research and quality

Franzoni Piscine is a distributor of Magiline - a major French maker of reinforced concrete swimming pools with formworks made of disposable polypropylene - products in the city and the entire provincial territory of Brescia.

Magiline ® is an innovative system for building reinforced cement swimming pools, allowing:

The structures with polypropylene formworks - concrete and filled with cement - allowing to combine the robustness of the reinforced concrete with the simplicity, manageability and quick performance of the laying operations: upon completion of the excavation operations, we deliver the swimming in 3 days time.

Our assembly kits are complete with an infiltration system 3 or 4 times more efficient with respect to the traditional system entailing a substantial reduction of costs and maintenance operations simplified to the utmost.

The coating of the basin is provided with a PVC cover (liner) directly prepared from the factory (a one-piece, without weldings, ready to be set-up on site). All these products come in a wide range of colours and designs to meet our customer's demands.

All this guarantees lower costs in terms of cement (1/3 with respect to the amount usually required for traditional swimming pools) and excavation operations given that assembly is performed on site, exceeding the dimensions of the swimming pool only by 10 cm, allowing better exploitation of the space available.

The assembly kits are prepared directly by the factory ready for complete assembly of the pool, the formwork structure, filtration system, PVC cover allowing quick assembly and a substantial reduction of manpower costs.

Furthermore, we provide poolsides (already included in the Magiline kit) and non-skid slabs made of reconstituted natural stone specifically designed for pools.

Furthermore, we also provide one-piece fibreglass in ground pools coming in various shapes and sizes, as well as PVC or wooden over ground pools of the best trade names and all types of accessories or products for the same pools (springboards, showers, sunbeds, beach umbrellas, chemical products etc).

In addition, for your relax, we also provide outdoors whirlpool baths and saunas at comfortable prices.

Offerta Primavera 2013 Kit fai da te - Modello Small 6 x 3
Composto da:
  • - Struttura in pannelli in PVC h. 1,30
  • - Filtro a sabbia 8 mc/h con pompa 0, 55 Kw e quadro elettrico oppure filtro a cartuccia 20 mc/h
  • - Rivestimento interno liner 85/100 tinta unita
  • - Nr 1 faro 300 Watt con trasformatore
  • - Nr 1 presa di fondo in ABS
  • - Nr 2 bocchette in ABS orientabili
  • - Nr 1 skimmer
  • - Bordo in pietra ricostruita
  • - Mt 50 tubo semirigido
  • - Scala inox

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